ALTE is Ad (Aldert Teunis) Haasnoot. A product designer and surfer from Katwijk aan Zee. Preferably he is either making something or surfing. During the day he sits at the drawing board, at the laptop or 3D printer. After work, he is most likely found in his workshop/in the ocean.

The desire to create sprung from his childhood, when he often visited his uncle’s atelier, who is a painter. His parents were also quite forgiving with him using the garage for all sorts of projects.


After getting a degree in Engineering, he decided to continue studying Product Design. He graduated in 2015. During his studies he shaped his first board and caught the shaping bug.

Nowadays he makes a living as a freelance Product Designer, which allows him to surf often and build surfboards. The combination of computer work and getting his hands dirty in the workshop is just perfect.

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